The DBS Factory Team Program

The DBS FACTORY TEAM Program was created to offer an opportunity for our community to grow. It is here to create a community at our facility, to make things more affordable for those that are committed, and give direction to those within the program.

To be a part of the program you are required to have a DBS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. The membership is $39.99 per month. It covers your entry to all Sunday Funday Sessions and gets you paintballs for:
DBS Field Ball at $45/case
El Tigre / Custom at $55/case
Evil / 5-Star at $65/case

The Practice Schedule

Every week practice will be available to our members. We provide this perk as a way to reward those that are committed to the program. These practice typically start at 9:00am and consist of either team related drills on a full NXL field setup, or of individual drills. The practice particially depends on what we have going on that weekend  (example – on Mega Scrim weekends teams just scrimmage).

DBS Factory Team Structure

The DBS Factory Team Program allows individuals to enter into the program as a solo player with the opportunity to get noticed and potentially picked up on one of our DBS Factory Teams. These teams will go to the players within the program to fill out their rosters.

In addition to the existing teams and in order to provide more opportunities to those in our community, we are always looking for those that want to step up and lead. If you are interested in starting a team please reach out to me so we can see if you are a fit and are up to the rewards and challenges that come with leading others.

Team List & Expectations