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Your #1 Stop for Tournament Paintball in Washington State.

We have two full, NXL style fields. We run drills for our members. We host numerous scrimmages throughout the year. The Ninjaball Tournament Series is ran here. We have a membership program. 10-man paintball? We do it.

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DBS AIRBALL accommodates to all airball players

Weather you are new to airball or a seasoned player, we have an option for you.

Drop in and play pick up games with other walk-ons and teams.

We combine both of our airball fields into one large field so players can enjoy the extremely oversize field in some 10v10 action.

Ninjaball Logo

The Seattle Ninjas run the premiere paintball tournaments series in the NW at our facilities.

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Save Big with a MEMBERSHIP

Our monthly membership program covers your admission and air fee to all the Open Sessions, your entry fee to the 10-man events, and gets you a discount on paintballs!


Weekly Layouts Released

With bunker names so you can join our community.

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sample layouts

Check Out The Jake Blackstaffe YouTube Channel

Jake travels nearly 2 hours each week to come play at our field with the Seattle Ninjas. He puts out a weekly video, so if you want to see the field check out his channel.

  • Turf Fields

    Both fields are fully turfed, for the best playing experience

  • Cleaned Regularly

    The paintballs are cleaned up each week so you can stay clean

  • Currently NXL Bunkers

    Each year we invest into the current NXL Bunker set or expansion set so you can play on the latest and greatest

  • Come Learn!

    We would love to help you up your game!

  • 4200PSI+ Fills

    With our state of the art air system you will see 4200PSI+ fill throughout the day.

  • Community Setting

    We want to grow paintball, so our players are all community focused. Need help? Ask anyone.